By | September 26, 2019

This is the era of new technology. We can see the huge progress in information technology everywhere. Smart phones are part of the modern technology and are very common now a days. From children to old, everyone has this smart device and is in touch with friends and family. Usage of mobile has many benefits that you can convey the message in a very short of time. Most of the mobiles are now android based and have many features .i.e. sharing of audio, videos, pics, sms, mms etc. There are many applications installed in phones that are very useful to use. There are many telecom companies operating in Pakistan which enable these smart devices to operate and communicate and Telenor is one of them.

Telenor is one the fastest growing telecom companies operating in Pakistan. Telenor is providing best quality services of voice, sms and internet to its network users. Telenor has introduced many products to its customers including call packages, sms bundles and internet MBs. Besides these services, there are many other useful services provided by Telenor to its valuable subscribers. And sharing of balance is one of those services which are being provided by Telenor.  

Sometimes, you run out of balance but are unable to go to a shop for instant easy load. What will you do in that case, whether you will skip to call, sms or will run for easy load. No, you will not to do all of this, because Telenor has come up with a wonderful solution for this trouble. When you run out of balance, you can ask for smart sharing of balance. Similarly, when your friend or family member is run out of balance, they can ask you for smart share.

Telenor prepaid subscribers and Djuice numbers can avail this facility of balance sharing. It is very easy to share balance either by a code or by sending SMS. It is a special offer introduced by Telenor for its users. Now in case of urgency, if you have not any balance to make calls, sms, you can share balance from your mates and can fulfill your needs. If your friends are in urgency, they can also ask you to share with them balance and credit and they can meet with their urgency. You can say, it is best service provided from Telecom Company which helps you in time of need.

Balance Transfer Procedure:

Procedure of sharing of balance is so simple and easy from prepaid to prepaid Telenor  talkshawk and Djuice numbers. In order to share the balance from you prepaid connection, you will have to dial the following code * 1*Recipient number*Amount# and press the send button. A command prompt will appear and then press 1 for successful transaction of balance share.  For example, if you want to share Rs.50 with your friends then you have to type *1*03451234567*50# and then press send button. After this, message will appear and you have to press 1 and then press send button. Both the sender and receiver will receive the confirmation message of successful transfer. Charges of transfer of balance will be deducted as Rs 3.99 + tax per transaction.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This service is valid for Telenor prepaid subscribers only.
  • Minimum amount for sharing is Rs 15 and maximum amount is Rs 200.
  • Transferred Balance can be used for call, sms and for internet usage.
  • Only three times, you can use the service of balance transfer in a day.
  • Balance will remain valid and be used for the same day.
  • In case of typo mistake, Telenor has no responsibility to refund the money.
  • Telenor talkshawk and Djuice subscribers can use this service.
  • Telenor has the right to withdraw any offer as per its company policy.
  • Telenor can change any time any offer provide by it.

With this service, Telenor has provided an opportunity to its subscribers to help each other in case of short of balance. Because sometimes, you are in an urgent needs and unable to approach the easy load shop. So Telenor at that spot provides facility of sharing of balance so that you can fulfill your emergency.

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