By | October 10, 2019

Mobilink Jazz is the best leading telecom company operating in Pakistan. It is one of the pioneer cellular companies which started providing services in the field of telecommunication. By providing best quality voice data and internet data, Jazz has expanded its network in the all regions of Pakistan. Due to its cheapest and low price strategy, it has attracted the largest number of subscribers all around the country. It has credit to introduce different packages and bundles in the field of telecommunication networks. That’s why the number of subscribers of jazz is more than any other cellular company operating in Pakistan. 

Although Mobilink Jazz has introduced many low price packages and bundles for its regular customers but it has also offered some new offers which are absolutely fee. Yes, Mobilink is offering “Free Facebook by Jazz” offer to its subscribers. Customers of Jazz now can enjoy the free version of Facebook and Free basics app that does not consume the internet data. You can save your internet MBs while staying online.

If you are the customer of Jazz network and using the social website Facebook, you can switch from Data version of facebook to Free Version by using a single tap. It is very simple; just you have to tap the toggle at the top of your Facebook feed and you will switch from Data Version to Free Version and similarly from Free Version to Data Version. Not only can you enjoy the free Facebook but also other useful websites similar to it. Remember that, you can enjoy these all social websites only on your android mobile devices without getting charged for data.

By using free Facebook, you will see a toggle on the top of your facebook app to switch between Free and Data mode. Free mode is a lightweight version of Facebook app where you are able to post a textual status update, post a comment, share and chat for free. While Data mode will make you able to view photos, videos, and live streaming. In data mode, you will be charged for using of internet data or will consume the package of internet data.

Jazz has also given the 30 days free for new Facebook users on Jazz network. To avail free Facebok view, you have better to download Facebook app and installed on your android mobile phone. Similarly it is better to install Free Basics app in your mobile device and enjoy the free websites linked with Free Basics app. Because Free Basics app run only in android mobile devices. Free Basics app is has option to select more than one language and you can select the language of your own country. By using websites provided via Free Basics does not affect on your balance and will consume your other bundle or package.

This is what Jazz is offering to its valuable customers in order to enjoy the free social and useful website even if they don’t have any package or bundle or even no balance in their mobile phones. So what is being waited for, pick up your mobile phone and enjoy the free Facebook and Free Basic websites without spending a single penny.

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