By | October 16, 2019

Mobile phone is the best source of communication to remain in touch with friends and family whether you are living near to them or at a long distance. Mobile phone has changed the life of every person. By using mobile phones, unlimited tasks and activities can be done even without meeting physically. Parents want to keep in touch with their out stationed children attending schools and universities. Friends and family members want to keep them aware about their relatives. In broader term, we can say that mobile phone has become the part and parcel of every individual person whether he/she is a student, job holder, business person, parent or any other.

But how all this communication is possible even you have a cell phone in your pocket. This communication facility is being provided by telecommunication companies to their subscribers. Yes, when you purchase a cell phone, first act you have to do is to purchase a new SIM card connection for you new phone. And these connections are offered from some telecom companies. And Mobilink Jazz is one of them which is providing connection facility to its customers.  Mobilink has the credit to become the first and pioneer telecom company in Pakistan which has most number of customers using its connections.

But people are very cost conscious as they prefer to use that network which costs them low as compare to other networks. They don’t want to pay more and Mobilnk don’t want to get more from them. That’s why Mobilink is always ready to help them by providing very low cost services. Mobilink has introduced very cheap and low price bundles for its customers. Super F&F Offer is one of these packages offering by Jazz. Through this offer, you will be able to call one special Jazz F&F number for the whole day. Only, you will have to pay the subscription charges and will be free to make calls and sms.

Activation of Offer:

To make calls and sms on one special Jazz F&F (Friends and Family) number, you have to activate this offer @ Rs.10/day, by dialing *141*Number#. You will receive a confirmation message on your mobile screen and offered will be activated. In order to know info string dial *141*3# and for status string dial *141*2#. If any time, you want to discontinue this offer, you can deactivate this offer by dialing *141*4#.  This offer is only valid for one day and day after will be expired and you will have to activate it again.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This is limited time offer and subject to change as per company policy.
  • For subscription to this offer dial *141*Number#
  • Jazz F&F number can be changed any time by dialing *141*Number#
  • Validity of offer is one day only, next day you will have to get new offer.
  • Prepaid subscribers are eligible to get this offer.
  • This offer is valid for single Jazz F&F number.
  • Calls are valid for same network while sms can be consumed on all telecom networks.
  • Call setup charges will be applied.
  • Offer is available @ Rs.10/-(inclusive of all taxes)
  • Customer query can be made at by dialing 111.
  • All terms and conditions are subject to apply according to company policy.

Although Jazz Mobilink has offered many bundles and packages to its valuable customers, yet this is special offer for those subscribers who have at least one special person to make calls and sms the whole day. Not only this offer is very low price but also very attractive. And you will definitely subscribe this offer because it can never be happened that you have not any special person in your life. So dial the offer code and enjoy the special offer till the end of whole day.

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