By | October 17, 2019

It is the era of social media. Social media is an interactive computer-mediated technology that enables to create and share contents, ideas and interests via virtual networks. The popularity of Social has crossed the popularity of any other communication media. Social media has provided the platform of expression of freedom. By using social media you can generate self contents, videos, audios, photos and other forms of expression and can share publicly. The most famous social media websites and apps are Facebook, Whatsapp, IMO, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger and many more.

The usage of Whatsapp, Youtube and Facebook has crossed the billions of subscribers around the whole world. There is no corner in the world where anybody is ignorant about the usage of these social sites. Social media websites are not only applicable on computers but also smart devices have features to install these apps. On mobile devices and android system based smart devices, usage of these apps is more than usage on computers. To run these apps on mobile phones, you have to use the internet data provided by Telecom companies.

Telecom companies provide internet data for the usage of social websites. But on standard rate this data costs you much high. In order to provide you reasonable and low rates, Mobilink has introduced social bundles which only provides you internet MBs for the uses of social media. In this package, Jazz is offering “Weekly Social Offer” to its subscribers for the uses of Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO at the low price of Rs. 60/-(inclusive off all taxes) for one week.

Activation and Validity:

This special offer can be activated at the official website of Mobilink Jazz by entering your number online or manually subscribing dial *660#. After activation, you will get 5GBs internet data (For each 24 Hours) for Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO for one week on daily basis. In order to know status string, dial *660*2#. If you want to get this offer again after the expiry of previous offer you have to recharge the load of Rs.68/-. This offer remains valid for one week and after one week; you will have to subscribe this offer again.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This is a limited time offer and can be changed any time as per company policy.
  • Offer is valid for one week only and after the end of one week, you will have to get this offer again.
  • Internet data is available for the uses of Facebook, IMO and WhatsApp only.
  • Internet data can be consumed in 2G/3G/4G networks areas.
  • Overage of Rs.1.2/MB will be applied for mobile internet bundles.
  • To check the remaining MBs and validity costs Rs.0.06/- after dialing status string.
  • Bundle is not subject to auto-subscribed and need to be subscribed again on its expiry.
  • The speed of internet depends on many factors like SIM, device, web pages accessed, number of users, time of day, distance from 2G/3G/4G sites.
  • If you are not using subscribed bundle, base rate will be charged at Rs.5/MB and pulse rate provided will be 512KB.

Social media helps out in market research and decision making process. Billions of people use the social media for shopping, marketing, research and in decision making. It has many positive impacts on the lives of people. If you are the one of billions of people who is fond of using of social media then this package provided by Jazz is most suitable to you. So dial the subscribing code and enjoy the Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO for the whole week at a very cost-effective rate/price.

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