Privacy Policy ensures to follow the privacy policy which includes the protection of information of its valuable users and visitors. If there is made any request to provide data and information on the use of site, it will be handled and utilized according to the privacy policy. If there is made any change in privacy policy, it will be updated on

What We Collect:

We collect user’s feedback in order to provide them better service and give them some better experience. Information is obtained in order to understand the visitors’ behavior which indicates their surfing style and preference about specific searches. Data provides us direction so that we make the websites in keeping view of user’s aspiration. We collect data which includes:

  • IP Addresses
  • Browser Information
  • Information about surfing of websites.
  • Internal Pages

Cookies and How We use it:

What are cookies? A cookie is a small kind of file that is placed on computer’s hard disk that analyzes your web traffic only if you give your consent. We utilize cookies to understand the preference of visitors. Usage of cookies allows knowing the maxim web traffic which helps to improve the websites’ contents. After knowing user’s preferences, we present the web pages, contents and options according the visitor’s demands. Besides this information, there is no access to personal data or any other information on your computer.

How You can control Cookies:

You have an option to control our website cookies by rejecting or accepting these cookies. You can change your web browser setting to refuse cookies. By accepting cookies, website shows proper functioning, which means you have to full access to all pages and contents of website without any restrictions.

Google Advertisement

Advertisements run by third parties like Google, Bing, Inc and some others are permitted to run their ads on These services use cookies to collect data about user’s activity on our website. This is also due to understand the demands and desires of users which kinds of products and services ads they would like to see. These services also use your information subject to their privacy policy. If you do not want to be the part of these serving and targeted ads, you can learn to opt-out for cookies usage as mentioned in this policy.