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To serve the nation is the dream of every citizen of Pakistan by joining Pakistan Army through regular commission. Pakistan Army is the main and principal warfare uniformed service of Pakistan Armed Forces. The principal objective of Pakistan Army is to ensure the national security and national unity of Pakistan by defending it against external aggression and threats of war. Moreover, it has responsibility to maintain peace internally by securing its borders. During the national calamities, it conducts rescue operations at home and also participate in the peacekeeping missions mandated by the United Nations (UNO).

Currently, Pakistan Army has announced the jobs for its regular commission through PMA Long Course which it announces every year and selects Commissioned Officers. After selection, officers will have to get two years training at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) also known as PMA Kakul located in Kakul near Abbotabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

How to Apply:

Candidates will register themselves on Pakistan Army official website from 7th of October, 2019 to 8th of November, 2019. Candidates who are at the minimum height of 5’ 4” (162.5 cm) and have qualified as intermediate and bachelors secured above 60% marks are eligible to apply. Serving Armey Soldiers who are at the age of 17-25 years are also eligible to apply.  Physical fitness will be measured as per Armed Forces Policies.


Join Pakistan Army as a Commissioned Officer

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For registration and eligibility criteria visit official website of Pakistan Army. Please note that last date for registration is 8th November 2019. Pakistan Army has devised different quota and eligibility conditions for different candidates, areas and sectors for which you can see the advertisement here.

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