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The University of Punjab, Lahore is among the top best and high ranked universities in Pakistan. It has been rendering great services to its nation in the development and generating of highly skilled and trained human resources since its foundation. It has been offering many educational programs to its students in many disciplines of education. It is the first choice of students to study in and achieve the highest educational degrees. It has been playing a dynamic role in the progress of country and preparing the young generation to face the challenges of new century.

In this article, we are discussing the syllabus and subjects of BA and BSC programs for the students of private candidature. Students should keep in mind that whatever field of studies and what combination of subjects he or she has to select should remain same in the higher studies. Students should select the subjects according to his/her abilities, interest and likes. Those subjects must be chosen which he/she intends to choose in his/her master program because every university demands at least one subject from BA/BSC to give admission in MA/MSC program.

For all those students who have passed their intermediate exams and now want to study in BA/BSC programs and get registration and admission for exams in Punjab University as private candidates. University of Punjab is offering graduate program for the private candidates in the discipline of BA and BSC. Each program has two parts. Exam for Part-I is conducted in the first year and Part-II in the second year. Students can also appear in combined exams after passing two years of intermediate exams. Registration starts in the month of August and remained to the month of December while admissions starts in the month of October and exams starts in the month of April. Result is announced in the month of September each year. But in this post we are providing information about the subjects list and combination of subjects of BA/BSC.

BA Syllabus:

BA exams has total marks 800, each part has 400 marks. In the Part-I, English Language carrying 100 marks, Islamic Studies carrying 60 marks and Pakistan Studies carrying 40 marks are compulsory subjects. While candidates has to choose two elective subjects each of 100 marks of his/her choice. In the Part-II, English Subject of 100 marks is compulsory while candidates will select two elective subjects and one optional subject each of 100 marks.

  • It has to be noted that no candidate is allowed to select optional subject which he/she has select in the elective subjects.
  • In any combination Mathematics A course cannot be selected without Mathematics B course.
  • Applied Psychology and Psychology cannot be selected together but Greek Philosophy and Philosophy can be taken together.
  • In Space Science study, Geography or Mathematics A must be selected.
  • The students who have passed BA or BSC with Mathematics (General) cannot get admission in MSC Mathematics until they pass Mathematics B Course.

BA Elective Subjects:

Following is the list of elective subjects which can be selected only two for BA program.

1Applied Psychology

2Arabic24Health and Physical Education
3Aero Space (PAF, Sargodha)25History
4Bio Chemistry26Hindi
5Botany27Home Economics
7Chemistry29Islamic Studies
8Computer Studies30Kashmiryat
10English Literature32Library and Information Science
11Economics33General Mathematics
12Fine Arts
34Mathematics A Course
13French35Mathematics B Course
16Political Science38Philosophy
17Social Work39Physics
19Space Sciences41Russian
22Turkish44Women Studies

BA Optional Subjects:

Students can select one subject as an optional subject given in the list

2Applied Psychology17Music
6English Literature21Political Science
7Fine Arts22Russian
8French23Social Work
13Islamic Studies28Turkish

BSC Syllabus:

BSC Program has also total marks of 800 like BA Program, each part contains 400 marks. In the Part-I, Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies carrying 60 and 40 marks respectively are compulsory subjects while three are elective subjects carrying 100 marks each to be chosen. In the Part-II, English of 100 marks is compulsory subjects while other three are elective subjects each carrying 100 marks. Private Candidates selecting subject of practical exam will submit the practical slip from the science laboratory of affiliated college in which student performs practical along with admission forms at the time of admission. Private candidates have the following choice to select the combination of BSC programs of their interests.

1General Math, Physics, Chemistry45General Math, Physics, Statistics
2General Math, Physics, Geology46Psychology/Applied Psychology, Statistics, General Math
3General Math, Physics, Psychology/Applied Psychology47Economics, Statistics, Computer Studies
4General Math, Physics, Geography48Economics, Geography, Statistics
5General Math, Physics, Space Science49Math A, Math B, Space Science
6Statistics, Physics, Psychology/Applied Psychology50Math A, Math B, Computer Studies
7Math A, Math B, Physics51Math A, Math B, Economics
8Physics, Chemistry, Statistics52Math A, Math B, Statistics
9Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies53General Math, Geography, Statistics
10General Math, Physics, Computer Studies54General Math, Geography, Economics
11Economics, Geography, Chemistry55General Math, Computer Studies, Statistics
12Chemistry, Botany, Computer Studies56General Math, Computer Studies, Chemistry
13Chemistry, Zoology, Computer Studies57General Math, Economics, Statistics
14Chemistry, Botany, Statistics58General Math, Computer Studies, Economics
15Botany, Zoology, Computer Studies59Space Science, Geography, Geology
16Chemistry, Botany, Geography60Space Science, Geography, Statistics
17Botany, Zoology, Chemistry61Botany, Zoology, Geography
18Botany, Zoology, Computer Studies62Geography, Zoology, Geology
19Chemistry, Zoology, Geography63Geography, Botany, Geology
20Chemistry, Zoology, Statistics64Economics, Geography, Computer Studies
21Psychology/Applied Psychology, Statistics, Geography65Geology, Zoology, Chemistry
22Psychology/Applied Psychology, General Math, Geography66Physics, Chemistry, Geology
23Psychology/Applied Psychology, Chemistry, Zoology67Geology, Chemistry, Geography
24Psychology/Applied Psychology, Statistics, Essential of Home Economics68General Math, Physics, Aerospace Science
25Psychology/Applied Psychology, General Math, Essential of Home Economics69Math A, Statistics, Physics
26Psychology/Applied Psychology, Chemistry, Essential of Home Economics70Math A, Computer Studies, Statistics
27Psychology/Applied Psychology, Geography, Essential of Home Economics71Psychology/Applied Psychology, Physics, Geography
28Psychology/Applied Psychology, Physics, Chemistry72Math A. Computer Studies, Economics
29Psychology/Applied Psychology, Botany, Zoology73Chemistry, Bio Chemistry, Zoology
30Psychology/Applied Psychology, Geography, Zoology74Bio Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
31Psychology/Applied Psychology, Geography, Botany75Psychology/Applied Psychology, Bio Chemistry, Chemistry
32Psychology/Applied Psychology, Chemistry, Botany76Bio Chemistry, Statistics, Chemistry
33Psychology/Applied Psychology, Chemistry, Geography77Bio Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics
34Psychology/Applied Psychology, Statistics, Economics78Chemistry, Zoology, Microbiology
35Psychology/Applied Psychology, General Math, Computer Studies79Botany, Chemistry, Microbiology
36Psychology/Applied Psychology, Geography, Computer Studies80Bio Chemistry, General Math, Chemistry
37Psychology/Applied Psychology, Statistics, Geography81Microbiology, Chemistry, Genetics
38Psychology/Applied Psychology, General Math, Statistics82Microbiology, Bio Chemistry, Botany
39Psychology/Applied Psychology, Geography, Economics83Bio Chemistry, Zoology, Microbiology
40Math A, Math B, Statistics84Bio Chemistry, Genetics, Microbiology
41Genetics, Bio Chemistry, Microbiology85Genetics, Bio Chemistry, Botany
42Zoology, Statistics, Applied Psychology86Genetics, Chemistry, Zoology
43General Math, Physics, Computer Studies87Genetics, Bio Chemistry, Zoology
44General Math, Statistics, Space Science88Genetics, Chemistry, Botany

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